Before & After School Programs & Out of School Care for Calgary Children

At A Child’s View Learning Centre, we understand all the demands of busy moms and dads. We also know that with your busy work schedule and long commute, it can be tough to find childcare before and after a school day. But don't worry; A Child's View Learning Centre is here to help you and your family! We offer wonderful before and after school programs for Calgary schoolchildren. These programs include transportation to and from school, so your child can be dropped off and picked up right at our conveniently located facility to ensure their safety!

Affordable Out of School Care and Transportation In Calgary 

This affordable out of school care in Calgary provides ample opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. We offer structured and unstructured activities both indoors and out. We also encourage a combination of active and quiet games and activities so children can learn how to behave appropriately in either setting. In these out of school care programs, children will learn to be socially responsible and gain knowledge of their surrounding community, helping them to feel more connected to their peers and the city that we all call home.

Our out of school care program will include topics ranging from science to art and team building, as well as a quiet space for completing homework. Teachers are available for assistance in case your child needs help or has questions. If your child is struggling in school, this service may prove to be especially useful. A nutrition break will also be offered. Our staff encourages children to eat healthy foods rich in the nutrients that will help their minds flourish and their bodies grow big and strong.

The Benefits of Before and After School Programs

Our before and after school programs in Calgary are just as beneficial for the parents as they are for the children. Parents can rest assured that their child is safe and secure in the care of licensed and professional childcare providers, while the kids get to hang out at a cool place and meet all kinds of new friends! It may seem like all fun and games, but there's actually a lot of learning taking place. Before and after school programs help children:

  • Develop socially, academically and emotionally
  • Build leadership skills 
  • Have less behavioural problems
  • Stay active and become more physically fit
  • Learn healthy eating habits
  • Develop a desire to attend school
  • Learn several new skills 
  • Complete their homework on time

If your child prefers social interaction over studying textbooks, our program will give him or her an opportunity to do both without being disruptive in a classroom.

Enroll Your Child in Our Safe Out of School Care in Calgary 

If your child prefers social interaction over studying textbooks, our out of school care in Calgary will give him or her an opportunity to do both without being disruptive in a classroom. Finding a babysitter before and/or after school is tough, and leaving your child unattended should never be an option. A Child's View Learning Centre provides a safe, welcoming place for your child while you're at work. This program can be paid for by cheque or cash and is only available on school days. To schedule a tour of our facility or to enroll your child in our before and after school programs, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Our business hours are from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. We look forward to speaking with you!

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