Preschool Learning Activities in Calgary

A Child's View Learning Centre can provide preschool in Calgary for your child. Our safe, welcoming facility has been serving the local area for over 25 years and takes great pride in caring for our community's children and helping them learn new skills and the appropriate social behaviours. We offer preschool care for infants and children up to the senior kindergarten age. Many people use the terms preschool and daycare interchangeably, but these programs have noticeable differences. Daycare is typically offered for longer hours during the day to accommodate working parents with busy schedules and may also accent younger children. Preschool generally offers childcare for fewer hours and is specifically geared towards preparing your child for kindergarten. A stronger focus will be on learning numbers, letters and shapes, as well as how to socialize, share toys and contribute to a group.

A Comprehensive Preschool for Calgary

As a trusted preschool for Calgary children, we not only help your children develop academically, but socially, too. In preschool care (ages 3 to 4 years), a wide range of skills will be taught. We want to help your child learn new things and love the learning process! We create a safe, structured environment where your child will feel comfortable and free to make his or her own choices. Children will learn to play independently and interact properly with their peers. We help children improve their language skills and build a bigger vocabulary through books, songs and discussions with teachers. We also present situations where problem-solving can be performed and a child's curiosity will be piqued. By integrating these situations, your child's cognitive skills will be strengthened, as they learn to ask the types of questions that will lead them towards discovering the right answer.

Your Trusted Baby Nursery in Calgary

Everyone here at A Child's View Learning Centre cares deeply about the development of your child. Our preschool and baby nursery in Calgary offers an array of programs to foster an atmosphere that promotes learning and trustworthy relationships with other adults. We believe sensory activities help children learn better. These activities are encouraged in order to develop a true passion for learning. Our nursery school (for ages 6 weeks to 8 months), creatures a nurturing environment for every child and encourages a variety of sensory activities, which are very important stimuli for this age group. Our toddler care (for ages 12 to 36 months) helps children develop independent skills, such as removing their shoes and manipulating spoons. Hand-eye coordination and motor skills will serve as focal points. Your child will work towards graduating from bottles to cups and successfully completing toilet training!

Contact Us to Tour Our Preschool Facility

At A Child’s View Learning Centre, we understand that each child is different and will do our best to cater to your child's unique needs should you choose to send your child to our preschool in Calgary. Our innovative programs and services promote a healthy social life, a sense of creativity, cognitive development, self-awareness, emotional awareness and physical activity. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our centre. During this appointment, we can also answer your questions and provide you with more information about our facility.

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