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What Parents Have to Say


A Child's View learning Centre takes pride in providing quality, caring and specialized childcare in our Calgary centre. Every child is treated with respect and consideration, and we strive to support them throughout their journey with us.

Take a look at what parents have said about us. Would you like to share your own feedback? Please send us an emailright away!

Happy Parents


Special People 


To Sammi,

But it's the special people who help you along the way, and it’s the most important people who care enough to give of themselves unconditionally. Thank you for being one of those special people.


-Jaclyn and Angieth


Very Friendly

To whom it may concern

This letter is in regards to A Child's View Learning Centre. My Children (3 and 17mo) have been with this daycare for almost one year. All the workers are very friendly and really seem to love what they do. My oldest always talks about how great of a day he has when I pick him up and my daughter practically jumps into her caregiver’s arms in the morning so I know that they both enjoy being there. The centre appears very clean and serves good breakfast, lunch and snacks. My oldest has always enjoyed his meals there. A Child's View has been a great centre for my kids (and after I got over the fact of leaving my children with “strangers”) I have never felt nervous leaving them there. I would recommend this centre to anyone looking for childcare.

-Suzi M


Ensure Children are Comfortable and Happy 


A Child's View Learning Centre has been an excellent daycare. Both of my children attend this daycare. My daughter Aliya, who is three, and my son Saleem, who is one, have been attending this daycare since March 1, 2005. My daughter Aliya also previously attended this daycare from June of 2003 until March of 2004.

Sammy the director is excellent and has always been available when I have had any questions or needed to make any kind of childcare arrangements. The other care providers have also been excellent. I have dealt mainly with Priscilla, Abby, and Brenda and both me and my children really enjoy them. I also find that caregivers go out of their way to ensure the children are comfortable and happy.

I have recommended this daycare to friends and family. I also feel that my daughter Aliya has learned many things while attending A Child's View Learning Centre such as songs, letters, numbers, and how to interact with other children her age.

Thank you for letting me voice my opinion of this daycare.

-Danielle P


Everyone Is Kind and Helpful


I am writing to applaud the staff and owners of A Child's View Learning Centre. Everyone here has been very professional, helpful, kind and caring at all times. I would recommend this daycare to anyone. I am a new adopted mother of one and now a new stepmother of 4 more. Sammy has been more than helpful and always eager to guide me in the right direction. I feel very secure and safe to leave my children at the centre.

Yours sincerely,

-Diane C


I Wouldn’t Change Daycare for Anything


Just a quick note to let you know a little bit of my experience with A Child's View Learning Centre. I have been there for about 5 years and I wouldn’t change daycare for anything. The staff are just so caring and helpful towards my 2 children and myself. Also the owners, you couldn’t ask for better.

–Pat C


They Provide Excellent Care


It is with great admiration and respect in which I write this letter with regards to A Child's View Learning Centre daycare facility. My children now aged 4 and 2 ½ years have been attending this daycare for 2 years. In which time my children have been provided with excellent care each and every day. I appreciate the fact that this daycare, its owner and all the staff follow a very strict guideline when it comes to safety and health for all of the children. I feel confident and comfortable when I leave my children in the care of this daycare. The owners as well as numerous staff members have shown love and compassion towards my children and my children have shown them the same. As a very protective and fastidious parent of my children I sincerely speak highly of this daycare as well as the staff members that care for my children. I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone and I look forward to many years of continued service.

-Lynn M


Healthy and Secure and Environment


Dear Sir or Madam,

At A Child's View Learning Centre, my child Kevin Gian is exposing to a wholesome environment, where is to be challenged and stimulated through a variety of developmentally appropriate activities.

At first Kevin was scared and it was his first time to be away from me but each fay he is getting used to the place. He is growing each day by day by learning from other children and interacts with their staff peers, creating warm social relationships.

They provide learning centres and motivational activities that build important foundations for future reading skills and other academic activities.

They establish daily routines to ensure a secure and healthy environment.

Their programs in A Child's View Learning Centre are designed to meet the individual child’s basic development needs. Their staff peers are very watchful and good to individual children. They care for my child and loving him.

I believe that A Child's View Learning Centre is a place for a child who starts to learn and be with other children before they go to Kindergarten.

I feel that I can leave my child there without worrying too much while I’m at work.


-Yen G


Very Accommodating


We selected A Child's View Learning Centre as a daycare provided for our 2-year old son. Since we both are working parents, we found that A Child's View Learning Centres hours of operation are ideal for us. And, on occasion when we have other urgent early commitments, we found that A Child’s View was very accommodating when we have to drop off our son at differing hours during the week.

While it was a minor challenge at first when our son was introduced to A Child’s View, he managed to adapt to the new environment quickly and was quite playful with the other children in his group. They offer a different schedule of activates each day along with a “theme” for each particular month. We are sure this would help in the development of our son (and the rest of the children). They also offer different weekly meals that follow the Canada Health Guide. And, most importantly, we are content to know that our son felt comfortable with the head childcare worker in his group.

We would have no hesitation in recommending A Child's View Learning Centre to other parents seeking childcare facilities for their child(ren).

Thank You,

-Michelle & David G


I Am More than Satisfied


My daughter, Franciska started going to this daycare since June 2005 when she was 14 months. I cannot tell you how happy she is and how thankful I am to have found this daycare. I am more than satisfied. And there is no way that I am going to move her to another daycare even if I have to buy a house to an opposite side of the city.

We moved to Calgary when Franciska was 6 months old. My first daycare was a total disaster and a nightmare. I used to come from school to pick her up and Icould hear her screaming from the outside of the daycare and no one will even bother picking her up. I wasn’t getting my daily report from the daycare staff (in 7 month, I probably got 3 daily report). I had to ask them every day if she play, she ate.. They just wouldn’t tell me until I ask. If she comes in the morning after a certain hour, she wouldn’t get breakfast, and the list can go on. Franciska wasn’t happy there. She wouldn’t play; she wouldn’t show them any progress she was making. She would just sleep and eat. They even started telling me that developmentally she was behind.

I just moved to Calgary. This is the only daycare I could in the NW while I was living at the University. As a new mom, I didn’t know any better and I didn’t have anything else to compare with, since that was my first daycare ever. I started to believe that Franciska was the one that had a problem and that she will never get used to go to daycare. Until, we started at the ‘A Child's View Learning Centre’, what a difference and what a relief!

At the ‘A Child's View Learning Centre’, they will give me a report every end of the day. They will also tell me how she did without me asking. They will not lose her clothes. They will treat us with respect. They will not call me at work for every little fever unless she is really sick. I don’t even have to call every day to check on her unless I know that she doesn’t feel well. What a relief to be able to go to work with a peace of mind that your child is in a safe hand. In fact Franciska is just a happy child. Even my friends notice that after picking her up from daycare, how she is just in a good mood. On the weekend, Francsika will even ask me the daycare staff.

Just to tell you how I love my present daycare, I recommended it to 3 friends of mine so far. And I will definitely recommend it to more friends and always be happy to give them a reference. Sammy and her staff are such wonderful and caring people. What I always say is, that God sent me to this daycare the first morning I visited it. That same morning I visited 3 daycares in that area, and my instinct told me to go for this one. I never regret it. I am just very happy.

- Fatou N’Diaye


Staff Are Professional and Thorough


I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings in regards to the services and care that my children are, and at present receiving while in the care of A Child's View Learning Centre.

The focus upon a child’s development and the way that a daycare is run and operated, is so very crucial. Sammy and the staff at the daycare are very professional and thorough. They always go beyond expectation. In regards to how the daycare is run and operated you cannot help upon noticing driving up to the centre and entering it you feel like you’re at home. The centre is bright and always clean and tidy. It is a very comforting feeling to drive away and really know that your children’s interests are at the first of priorities.

Daily you receive input on how your child’s day was. Field trips and planned activities are well thought out. I would like to see more activities that involve children in their academic growth which is so vital at their ages. If there was such opportunity in regards to this area, A Child's View Learning Centre would be able to expand and go beyond its capable potential in doing so. I’m so pleased that they are a part of my children’s lives.

Sincerely Yours,


Management and Staff is Excellent


It is my privilege as a parent to talk about "Childview Learning Centre". My name is Carolene Rowe, and my daughter (Tori) has been at Childview from when she was 6 months old.

I always appreciated the care from tender age until now. Tori is eleven and still wants to be there.

The Management and Staff is excellent, compassionate, and friendly. They are very respectful to me as well to all the other parents.

It’s been a growing, proactive experience for my daughter and it’s my privilege to say thank you!

-Carolene R


Centre Is Well-run and Cared For


My daughter Samantha was enrolled in A Child's View Learning Centre from approximately May 2005 through to August 2005. She was in grade 3; 8 years old at the time enrolled in BAS.

During the time she was enrolled in the daycare, I was very pleased with the level of care and control of the children as well as the apparent flexibility each child had in being able to choose which activity interested them.

I also was very happy that they had a specific “homework” area and time each and every day. I found she was eager to get her homework done, and with the daily reminder it was one less thing for me to worry about if the evening was short.

I found the centre to be very clean and obviously well-run and cared for. You can tell by the dedication of the staff that they truly care for the children and you do not get the feeling that you are imposing on them or they would rather be elsewhere.

My daughter found the level of organization to be very comforting; she knew what to expect each day and was thrilled with being able to earn rewards for good behaviour. I found that they spent a lot of time focusing on good behaviour rather than on bad behaviour. I also found that on the occasions of poor behaviour that it appears to have been handled well; whereby the child did not appear to lose their self-esteem or feel humiliated. I was lucky in that I don’t believe there were any behaviour issues with my daughter; however, I find that she can be quite a handful, as she can tend to be very eager. I found that they were able to channel all this energy she has so that she was not frustrated at the end of the day, but felt as though she had contributed to the daycare.

Both my daughter and I were very pleased with the apparent planning of summer with a specific activity each and every day. Twice a week was a scheduled field trip; be it to a park, swimming or to a more organized field trip. I have found in previous daycares that this has always been promised, and was extremely pleased to see them actually fulfill the plan with a monthly schedule and execution. On one occasion a trip was cancelled due to poor behaviour by some of the children; other than I believe everything went off as planned weather permitting.

I really liked the fact that they have separate outdoor play areas which are split up based on age level. I also really liked the separate indoor gym, for the days they could not go outside. I found that unless the weather was really bad, they spent time outside each and every day. I feel that getting the children outside “playing” is crucial to an ongoing healthy way of life; I find even at home I am not able to manage this each and every day and always appreciated knowing that she had been outside a number of times already that day.

The only reason we withdrew from the daycare was due to the fact that they were unable to service the school she was going to attend for Grade 4; G.W. Skene.

We had very seriously considered changing schools in order to continue using this daycare; however I felt it would be too big of a negative impact to change schools, versus changing daycares. There have been occasions where we wish we had changed schools, as the new daycare she is enrolled in just doesn’t measure up to the level of care and activities we had become accustomed to @Child’s View! If at any time they begin to serve the G.W Skene, I must say that we will definitely return to Child’s View (in a heartbeat!)

–Wendy B


Staff is Very Understanding


I am writing in regard to A Child's View Learning Centre. My son has been attending this daycare for one year and enjoys being with the staff and children at the centre. The staff is more than a great contribution to his little life and, I feel that they are able and willing to handle any situation that may face them. The staff is very understanding of all the children’s needs and wants. They are always there to accommodate the kids.

I feel that this is the best centre that I have chosen to have my son attend as he has moved many  times throughout his schooling. The staff always has activities for them to do at no extra cost to the parents such: park outings, tobogganing trips and visits from Santa. There are also a few trips that require money such as group outing to the movies and I know that I never have to worry that he is safe. The daycare handles all situations on their own and the children are number one to the staff at A Child's View Learning Centre.

I know that my son will be attending this daycare for quite some time as he enjoys to be there. The staff is always there to pick him up after school without any problems and that relieves any issues of me having to worry.

Very pleased mom,

-Victoria S


Staff Are Doing a Great Job


Dear Sami,

I wish to thank you for taking good care of my daughter, Kloe Dominique Salvador. I am really impressed at how your staff handle the kids in your centre. I really noticed a significant difference in my daughter since she first started in your daycare centre. She is learning songs, numbers and alphabets and for a 2 ½ year old child, I find it quite impressive, and before I forget to mention – potty training. You and your staff are really doing a great job.

Furthermore, I also want to mention that your kindness is unsurpassed. Given the quality of childcare services that you have, I was ready to pull Kloe out from your daycare due to our unstable financial status, you still gave us this choice and I still find it difficult to express how thankful I am. I may not mention it at times, but please believe that I am very thankful. And most especially that my Kloe is in good hands and is among trusted friends and educators.

From what I have experienced with my son going through a lot of babysitters and daycare centres back when he was at Kloe’s age, your daycare centre is by far 10 out of 10 – Quality, and your staff are admirable.

Yours truly,
-Kum D, Mother of Kloe 2 ½ years old


Caring and Warm Hearted


The staff at A Child's View Learning Centre,

Thank you very much for providing my son Luke and myself with such an excellent experience at the daycare. You’re caring and warm hearts provided Luke with a safe and fun place to spend his days while I was working. He learned so much from his days there, saying please in sign language, giving kisses, and saying many different words. The crafts that were done at the daycare are very special; I thank you for helping Luke make them. Luke will miss you all very much and will always have fond memories of his time at A Child's View Learning Centre.

I cannot say enough good things about the experience we have had.


-Annette and Luke M


Made Us Feel Welcome


Kelton and I would like to thank all the staff at A Child's View Learning Centre for everything they have done for us. They all made us feel so welcome. I found them very accommodating to any schedule changes I had. The facility was very clean and tidy when I was there. Kelton was always happy and well fed when I picked him up in the evening. The staff was well organized in their activities with the children. I believe that they care deeply for each and every child in their care. Kelton and I will miss everyone very much and we can only hope that this new facility puts the same effort inter child as A Child’s View does. Thank you all so much.


-Candice C


Provide Quality Childcare


The Children’s Cottage Society works together with A Child's View Learning Centre through the Child Care Respite Program. A Child's View Learning Centre plays a key role in this program by providing quality childcare for many of the families who access the program each year. The support of A Child's View Learning Centre and their childcare providers is important to the Childcare Respite Program as childcare plays a critical part in allowing the families to achieve certain goals i.e. finding housing, attending counselling and completing job interviews, etc.


Desiree Staffeldt
Child Care Respite Program
The Children’s Cottage Society

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