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About Our Services in Calgary


You want the best for your child. If you can’t be there for every moment, you want childcare in Calgary that will nourish the mind, body, and soul of your child. Fortunately, you have a local resource that does all these things.

A Child’s View Learning Centre has been in business for more than 30 years, helping children gain confidence, vision, responsibility, and understanding. Each child feels welcomed, loved and comfortable. Whether you just need a before or after school care program for your child or you’re interested in enrolling your youngster into preschool, you can rely on us to help your child learn social and educational skills.

We Focus on These Areas of Development


When choosing a centre for your child in Calgary, you want to be sure that he/she is getting the attention and education necessary for meeting developmental milestones. At A Child’s View Learning Centre, we focus on these areas of development that promote education and understanding in learning and social environments. These areas are:

Social development
Physical development
Intellectual development
Creative development
Emotional development
Healthy self-concept
Emergent play based care
Montessori practical life activities

These areas of development are promoted through different activities each day. We like to incorporate creative and academic activities in each of our programs, such as art class, science and nature activities, reading or word recognition, dramatic play, music, dance, yoga and outdoor play. In our program, we also include the emergent curriculum. We strive to nourish your children’s mind, body and soul through our programs, just like you do at home.

Professional Caregivers and Educators


Not just anyone can take care of a group of toddlers or a classroom full of rambunctious preschoolers. That’s why we perform a rigorous interview process when choosing who to employ as professional early childhood educators at our centre. This process ensures that each applicant is qualified for the position and prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for your children.


Our professional caregivers offer individualized childcare services in Calgary because we understand that each child has unique needs. We pay attention to those needs and work at the necessary pace to encourage your child's continual growth. In our care, your child will have the emotional, intellectual and physical support he or she needs.


We are now happy to announce that we offer support and guidance to help parents apply for subsidies. Alberta has successfully negotiated an agreement with the federal government to increase accessible, affordable and high-quality child care, giving families the choice they need. Starting in January 2022, this made-in-Alberta plan has helped to reduce fees for parents of children 0 to kindergarten age by an average of half. By 2026, parents will pay an average of $10 per day.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Canada-Alberta Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.

Contact Us Today About Our Child Care Services


It can be difficult to trust someone to take care of your precious child. Finding a centre that offers childcare services in Calgary that meet your standards may be tough, but because of our focus on your child’s social, emotional and educational development, we believe that A Child’s View Learning Centre is the right choice.

We offer tours of our centre so you can get a good feel for what we do and determine if A Child’s View Learning Centre is right for you and your child. To set up an appointment, call our office or submit a request form. We’ll happily set up a tour, provide answers to your questions, and inform you about our childcare services in Calgary. From there, you can sign up for our daycare, before and after school program or for our preschool program if you feel ready.

Get in touch by calling us at 403-235-6330. Or, send us an email at
. We look forward to meeting you and showing you our exciting learning environment.

Happy Parents

Made Us Feel Welcome


To whom it may concern;

I regret to inform you that January 31st, 2011 will be Kelton’s last day at A Child's View Learning Centre. A position has become available at another daycare, ESG Child Learning Centre, which is in a more convenient location for us and is more conducive to our future plans for Kelton’s education. 

Kelton and I would like to thank all the staff at A Child's View Learning Centre for everything they have done for us. They all made us feel so welcome. I found them very accommodating to any schedule changes I had. The facility was very clean and tidy when I was there. Kelton was always happy and well fed when I picked him up in the evening. The staff was well organized in their activities with the children. I believe that they care deeply for each and every child in their care. Kelton and I will miss everyone very much and we can only hope that this new facility puts the same effort inter child as A Child’s View does. Thank you all so much.


Candice C

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