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Daycare in Calgary


Have you been searching for a caring, quality daycare service in Calgary? Look no further than A Child’s View Learning Centre. Our team has created a secure and caring environment to nurture your child and help them develop in the five key areas:

Social Development
Emotional Development
Physical Development
Cognitive Development
Creative Development

We will install a sense of confidence, responsibility, and respect in your child while also helping them to appreciate Canada’s diverse cultures. A Child’s View Learning Centre will work with your child, nourishing their mind, body, and soul through engaging activities. We also offer emergent play based care and Montessori practical life activities to prepare your child to become responsible. And, of course, there are AM/PM nutritious snacks; we provide breakfast, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack.

We offer daycare in Calgary for children from 3 months to 12 years of age. Our facility includes an outdoor, spacious playground, separate for each age group. We also offer a preschool program to prepare our pre-Kindergarten children academically and emotionally for school; many of our children then graduate to our before- and after-school programs, offering activities to round out older children’s education. At A Child’s View Learning Centre Ltd, we believe in providing an environment that emboldens creativity, exploration and independence. While the main focus is on primary care and well-being of the toddler, we also want to promote its holistic development. As these are the initial years, we try to lay the foundation for positive social interaction and observation of their surroundings through play and interactive activities.


At our daycare service in Calgary, we realize the importance of offering a safe and secure environment for children. Our experienced childcare professionals are committed to ensuring this and they always strive to put the child’s well-being in the front. They also give personal attention to every toddler, focusing on their emotional and social needs. We also help them build meaningful and healthy relationships among their peers.


High Standard Daycare


The centre has provided daycare in Calgary for over 30 years, and our program operator has 23 years of experience in the field of childcare. The effort we make to hire, develop and keep qualified childcare professionals has given A Child’s View Learning Centre a core of experienced, long-term staff who can build relationships with your child, giving your child an additional sense of stability and comfort.

We understand the challenges faced by working parents. That’s why we offer before- and after-school care, care on school holidays and safe transportation services to and from school. We realize that you need to be confident in the care provided to your children so you can focus on getting your work done. At A Child’s View Learning Centre in Calgary, you can rest assured that your children are in a caring environment that stimulates numeracy, literacy, learning and growth.

If you think our Calgary daycare program at A Child’s View Learning Centre is right for your child, call our office at 403-235-6330 or email us. We will be happy to arrange for you to tour our facilities and learn more about our program. Feel free to also inquire about our preschool program.

A Trusted Baby Nursery in Calgary


We care deeply about your child’s development. Our baby nursery and preschool in Calgary offers an array of programs. These programs involve sensory activities, helping children to learn and interact with peers and adults.

Our nursery school (for ages 6 weeks to 8 months) creates a nurturing environment for every child and encourages a variety of sensory activities essential to the development of this age group. Our toddler care (for ages 12 to 36 months) helps children develop independence and acquire essential skills such as removing their shoes, using spoons, and other motor skills involving hand-eye coordination. The nursery school will aim to graduate from bottles to cups, and complete toilet training!


Full Time & Part-Time Care

A Child’s View Learning Centre offers experienced childcare services in Calgary.

Happy Parents

Caring and Warm Hearted


The staff at A Child's View Learning Centre,

Thank you very much for providing my son Luke and myself with such an excellent experience at the daycare. You’re caring and warm hearts provided Luke with a safe and fun place to spend his days while I was working. He learned so much from his days there, saying please in sign language, giving kisses, and saying many different words. The crafts that were done at the daycare are very special; I thank you for helping Luke make them. Luke will miss you all very much and will always have fond memories of his time at A Child's View Learning Centre.

I cannot say enough good things about the experience we have had.


Annette and Luke M

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