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A Child's View Learning Centre provides a safe and healthy environment designed to help your child grow and develop. To provide parents and other caregivers with helpful advice and more information about our services, we have created a Calgary child care blog. Make sure you visit our blog often, as it will be updated with new topics on a regular basis!

  • 12/03/2020
    10 Important Aspects to Look at While Selecting A Child Care

    Early childhood plays a crucial role in your little one’s overall development. The support they receive and the interactions they have with their caretakers are crucial to their mental and emotional growth. Children aged three and older, particularly those with working parents, need wholesome child care. Our daycare program at A Child's View Learning Centre offers quality programs that cater to the motor, socio-emotional, language, and cognitive development.

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  • Child care
    Caring, Specialized Childcare in Calgary

    As the labour force of mothers has risen over the past few decades, so has the use of childcare centers. A considerable majority of young children regularly experience childcare before their entry into schools. If you’re looking for a holistically focused out-of-school care, daycare, preschool or childcare in Calgary, look to A Child’s View Learning Centre. In business for 25 years, we believe in the importance of nourishing your child’s mind, body and soul by focusing on six primary areas of development that promote education and understanding in both learning and social environments. We work hand-in-hand with parents. Our activities are created as per child's development and interest that match the needs of each child in each of these key categories of development:

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  • child care
    How to Qualify for Subsidized Child Care?

    Child care subsidy provides financial assistance to families with low annual income. Canadian citizens or permanent residents who live in Alberta can apply. The applicants should be employed, looking for work or have a medical condition that interferes with caring for a child. Stay-at-home parents are also eligible if their child is enrolled in a licensed pre-school or an approved early childhood development program.


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  • Out of School Care in Calgary
    4 Benefits of Out of School Care for Children

    As a parent, you want your children to enjoy a fulfilling and happy life. It’s every parent’s dream! Offering your children quality out of school care in Calgary is a vital step towards achieving just that.

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  • What Parents Should Know About Developmental Delay - child with her parents
    What Parents Should Know About Developmental Delay

    The first smile, first word, first step. These are moments of pride for parents worldwide. But what happens when your child fails to meet an important milestone? What if your little one is still struggling to sit up or roll over when every other baby at nursery school can easily accomplish these tasks? The first thing to remember is that children develop at different rates. What one accomplishes at eight months, another might not achieve till 13 months, and yet both children are developmentally normal. However, there are times when not hitting a milestone within the normal time frame can indicate a developmental delay. Here’s what Calgary parents should know.

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  • How to Balance Working and Being a Parent
    How to Balance Working and Being a Parent

    For many new parents in Calgary, especially those in senior-level positions or those who run their own business, the reality is they need to return to work much earlier than the yearlong provincial benefits allow. But fulfilling the myriad of demands that come with being a working parent can be challenging.

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  • Parent, child and teacher at preschool
    Benefits of Preschool on Your Child’s Development

    While learning ABCs and how to count are often a result of children attending preschool, at A Child’s View Learning Centre in Calgary, the advantages are often far more profound. A good preschool like ours holistically aids in your child’s development. Every facet of your little one’s growth—physical, cognitive and emotional—is fostered. Here are a few key areas that high-calibre preschools like A Child’s View Learning Centre nurture.

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  • Children and caregiver at play at daycare
    Daycare’s Impact on Your Child’s Social Development

    Are you considering the possibility of enrolling your child in daycare? Calgary parents like you often find themselves wondering about the possible ramifications of placing their little ones in a child care program. You want your children to thrive, to be well cared for, and to have both their physical and emotional needs met. A high-quality daycare like A Child’s View Learning Centre provides all of this and more. But perhaps the most significant role programs like ours provide is in how they impact your child’s social development.

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Happy Parents

Special People


To Sammi,

But it is the special people who help along the way, and it’s the most important people who are enough to give of themselves unconditionally. Thank you for being one of those special people.


Jaclyn and Angieth

Caring and Warm Hearted


The staff at A Child's View Learning Centre,

Thank you very much for providing my son Luke and myself with such an excellent experience at the daycare. You’re caring and warm hearts provided Luke with a safe and fun place to spend his days while I was working. He learned so much from his days there, saying please in sign language, giving kisses, and saying many different words. The crafts that were done at the daycare are very special; I thank you for helping Luke make them. Luke will miss you all very much and will always have fond memories of his time at A Child's View Learning Centre.

I cannot say enough good things about the experience we have had.


Annette and Luke M

Made Us Feel Welcome


To whom it may concern;

I regret to inform you that January 31st, 2011 will be Kelton’s last day at A Child's View Learning Centre. A position has become available at another daycare, ESG Child Learning Centre, which is in a more convenient location for us and is more conducive to our future plans for Kelton’s education. 

Kelton and I would like to thank all the staff at A Child's View Learning Centre for everything they have done for us. They all made us feel so welcome. I found them very accommodating to any schedule changes I had. The facility was very clean and tidy when I was there. Kelton was always happy and well fed when I picked him up in the evening. The staff was well organized in their activities with the children. I believe that they care deeply for each and every child in their care. Kelton and I will miss everyone very much and we can only hope that this new facility puts the same effort inter child as A Child’s View does. Thank you all so much.


Candice C

Provide Quality Childcare


To whom it may concern,

The Children’s Cottage Society works together with A Child's View Learning Centre through the Child Care Respite Program. A Child's View Learning Centre plays a key role in this program by providing quality childcare for many of the families who access the program each year. The support of A Child's View Learning Centre and their childcare providers is important to the Childcare Respite Program as childcare plays a critical part in allowing the families to achieve certain goals i.e. finding housing, attending counselling and completing job interviews, etc.

Desiree Staffeldt
Child Care Respite Program
The Children’s Cottage Society

Management and Staff is Excellent


To whom it may concern

It is my privilege as a parent to talk about A Child's View Learning Centre. My name is Carolene Rowe, and my daughter (Tori) has been at Child’s View from when she was 6 months old.
I always appreciated the care from tender age until now. Tori is eleven and still wants to be there.
The management and staff is excellent, compassionate and friendly. They are very respectful to me as well to all the other parents.
It’s been a growing, proactive experience for my daughter and it’s my privilege to say thank you!

Carolene Rowe

They Provide Excellent Care


To whom it may concern

It is with great admiration and respect in which I write this letter with regards to A Child's View Learning Centre daycare facility. My children now aged 4 and 2 ½ years have been attending this daycare for 2 years. In which time my children have been provided with excellent care each and every day. I appreciate the fact that this daycare, its owner and all the staff follow a very strict guideline when it comes to safety and health for all of the children. I feel confident and comfortable when I leave my children in the care of this daycare. The owners as well as numerous staff members have shown love and compassion towards my children and my children have shown them the same. As a very protective and fastidious parent of my children I sincerely speak highly of this daycare as well as the staff members that care for my children. I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone and I look forward to many years of continued service.


Lynn M

I Wouldn’t Change Daycare for Anything


To whom it may concern

Just a quick note to let you know a little bit of my experience with A Child's View Learning Centre. I have been there for about 5 years and I wouldn’t change daycare for anything. The staff are just so caring and helpful towards my 2 children and myself. Also the owners you couldn’t ask for better.

If you require any more information, please feel free to contact myself and my husband. – Pat C

Everyone Is Kind and Helpful


To whom it may concern

I am writing to applaud the staff and owners of A Child's View Learning Centre. Everyone here has been very professional, helpful, kind and caring at all times. I would recommend this daycare to anyone. I am a new adopted mother of one and now a new stepmother of 4 more. Sammy has been more than helpful and always eager to guide me in the right direction. I feel very secure and safe to leave my children at the centre.

Yours sincerely,
Diane C

Very Friendly


To whom it may concern

This letter is in regards to A Child's View Learning Centre. My Children (3 and 17mo) have been with this daycare for almost one year. All the workers are very friendly and really seem to love what they do. My oldest always talks about how great of a day he has when I pick him up and my daughter practically jumps into her caregiver’s arms in the morning. So I know that they both enjoy being there. The centre appears very clean and serves good breakfast, lunch and snacks. My oldest has always enjoyed his meals there. A Child's View has been a great centre for my kids (and after I got over the fact of leaving my children with “strangers”). I have never felt nervous leaving them there. I would recommend this centre to anyone looking for childcare. – Suzi M

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