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How to Balance Working and Being a Parent

For many new parents in Calgary, especially those in senior-level positions or those who run their own business, the reality is they need to return to work much earlier than the yearlong provincial benefits allow. But fulfilling the myriad of demands that come with being a working parent can be challenging.

There are some things you can do to make it all a little bit easier, though. With careful planning, you can successfully integrate both roles into your life. 1. Communicate with your employer. Young children will need to go to preschool. In Calgary, it’s important to get on a waitlist well before returning to work, but sometimes you need a little extra flexibility in your work schedule if those waitlists are long. Talk to your employer about their flexibility, such as temporarily reduced hours, telecommuting or a shorter workweek. 2. Organize the kids — and yourself — the night before. Avoid being frazzled each morning by getting some of the mundane morning tasks out of the way the night before.

  • Pack the kids’ lunches

  • Pick out their clothes (and your own)

  • Get the diaper bag, backpacks, purses, or work bags ready

  • Find your keys

  • Plan breakfast

3. Create special family time. Smartphones and laptop screens present an ever-present distraction. Plan a family movie or game night. Or let your child choose how they would like to spend time with you. Children love to know that one night of the week everything stops, just for them. 4. Nurture your relationships. Often, when you're busy with work and home, your spouse or partner is the first to feel neglected. Make sure you schedule a date night once a month, even if it’s as simple as going for lunch or a walk in the park. 5. Make time for yourself. It’s important to schedule a time for the things you enjoy. Doing so will help you feel more centred and rejuvenated for both work and family time. Whether that’s a day at the spa, a cooking class, time with friends or uninterrupted reading time, your time is valuable too. 6. Find quality childcare. It’s important to know that your child is in good hands when you’re not there. Make sure that your children will be in the care of qualified providers in Calgary. A good daycare facility should provide flexible hours, references, nutritious meal plans, low teacher-to-student ratios, outdoor space, current licenses and employees with background checks. Do you need childcare services in Calgary? At A Child’s View Learning Centre, we have been providing the Calgary community with childcare services for 25 years. To find out more about our programs or to book a tour of our centre, contact us today.


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