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Benefits of Preschool on Your Child’s Development

While learning ABCs and how to count are often a result of children attending preschool, at A Child’s View Learning Centre in Calgary, the advantages are often far more profound. A good preschool like ours holistically aids in your child’s development. Every facet of your little one’s growth—physical, cognitive and emotional—is fostered. Here are a few key areas that high-calibre preschools like A Child’s View Learning Centre nurture.

Social Skills Making and keeping friends, learning how to share, compromise, take turns, and otherwise how to work and play cooperatively are essential life skills. The earlier children are exposed to peer groups, the easier it is for them to master these skills, and the better they’ll fare in school and throughout their lifetime. Emotional Development Learning how to manage emotions is a critical ability that results in the capacity to regulate one’s behaviour. A quality preschool educator will aid children in learning how to name and effectively respond to their own emotions. They will also help them to understand, recognize, and empathically respond to the emotions of others. Cognitive Development Learning how to recognize shapes, colours, numbers and letters is just the start. What’s essential in terms of intellectual ability is the capacity to think critically. Preschool educators foster this type of development by encouraging your child to ask questions and then helping them to find the answers. They also expose your child to a wide variety of experiences and information, allowing them to broaden their scope of reference. Creativity Creativity is nurtured in your child in tandem with cognitive ability. We believe it’s just as important as life skills and one that can predict future success in life. One way to define creativity is the capacity to come up with new ideas and execute them. Our educators help your child do just this by providing opportunities and materials with which to explore and express themselves. They also encourage self-directed imaginative play. Healthy Self-Concept Positive self-esteem is what makes happiness and success possible for your children. Having a strong sense of self-worth allows them to venture into the world and tackle new and challenging tasks. A healthy self-concept is nurtured in preschool by the following:

  • Each child is given some one-on-one time with the teacher each day

  • Simple, achievable tasks are assigned to each child (ex. setting the table for lunch, putting away toys, or helping sweep the floor)

  • Efforts made when attempting new tasks are praised, as are successes

  • Talents and strengths are recognized and encouraged

A Balanced Approach While we do offer basic childcare at A Child’s View Learning Centre, our program includes more than basic daycare. At our preschool in Calgary, we strive to provide a balance between educator-directed ac

tivities and self-directed play. The results—healthy, happy, confident children—speak for themselves. Contact us today to find out more about the preschool program we provide or to book a tour of our centre.


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