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How to Qualify for Subsidized Child Care?

Child care subsidy provides financial assistance to families with low annual income. Canadian citizens or permanent residents who live in Alberta can apply. The applicants should be employed, looking for work or have a medical condition that interferes with caring for a child. Stay-at-home parents are also eligible if their child is enrolled in a licensed pre-school or an approved early childhood development program.

If you are seeking out-of-school care, daycare or a preschool, A Child’s View Learning Centre can help you. We understand the importance of nourishing your child’s mind and body. We work closely with parents to create a daily schedule focusing on creative and academic activities. What Should Your Income Be for Eligibility? The families whose yearly income is $40,000 or less are encouraged to apply. Here are a few other criteria you should meet:

  • In Alberta, families with one parent and one toddler in a day-care program, earning up to $50,000, can receive a full subsidy. They are eligible for a partial subsidy if their income exceeds $62,100.

  • The highest income threshold is for a two-parent family with four infants attending a day-care program. They can receive a partial subsidy if their income does not exceed $116,500.

What Does Subsidy Cover? Kids who are not yet in school must receive at least 100 hours of care to be eligible for a maximum subsidy, whereas children in Grades 1 to 6 must attend at least 50 hours. If a child is attending less than the required minimum hours, they may receive a partial subsidy to reflect their hours attended. It supports eligible families to pay childcare costs for children of age 0-12 years who are not yet in Grade 7 and are enrolled in:

  • approved day home

  • licensed daycare programs

  • licensed out-of-school care

  • licensed group family childcare

How Much Does Subsidy Cover? The child-care subsidy is allotted per individual kid and depends on their age and the number of dependent children per family. Most families receive $628 to $750 per month for a kid whose age is less than 19 months. Families living in northeast Alberta may receive a slightly higher subsidy, based on the cost of living in that region. Parents who have a child with special needs are eligible for an additional $150 per month. However, the subsidy rate decreases when the child starts school and child-care hours are reduced. How Long Does the Application Process Take? The applications usually get processed within 14 days, but it may take up to 30 days in summer. This is because of the peak season when families change their schedules and register kids for school. Subsidies are provided from the month of application. If the parent applies online, the application is assessed immediately and they automatically receive a two-month conditional approval. After this, the applicant will be requested to provide a CRA consent form and other additional documents. These are required to confirm their eligibility and extend their subsidy for 10 additional months. What to Do If Your Application Does Not Get Processed? If your subsidy does not get approved, you will receive a refusal letter, stating the reason for non-approval. You can request a review of the application within 30 days from the date of the decision. If you have not submitted the supporting documentation, you will be granted a time frame to submit it. Renewal of Subsidy If you want to receive a subsidy every month, you must renew it before the expiry date. You will receive a notice or can contact the support center to find out the renewal date. Change in Personal Information Report any changes to your personal information immediately as they can result in an increase or decrease in subsidy benefits. Some of them are:

  • Removal or transfer of a child from a childcare program

  • Change in your marital status

  • Any change in your address or number

  • An increase or decrease in your annual income

For specialized childcare services in Calgary, visit A Child’s View Learning Centre. We focus on your child’s development; our programs encourage their social and emotional well-being. Call us today!


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