Affordable Out-of-School Child Care in Calgary


Through the out-of-school care and transportation services of A Child’s View Learning Centre, we are giving Calgary schoolchildren the opportunity to learn outside the classroom. Structured and unstructured activities, both indoors and out, encourage children to behave appropriately, as well as develop their social skills. Through chaperoned trips, your child will also gain more insight into the city we call home.

Our out-of-school care program will help develop your child’s understanding of the arts, sciences, and teambuilding while affording distraction-free spaces to complete homework assignments. If your child is struggling at school, or they just have a question, we have teachers available to help further their understanding of various subjects.

While kids feed their minds through fun activities, we also encourage healthy, nutritional snacks to help them grow big and strong.

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Daycare, Preschool, Before & After School Care

A Child’s View Learning Centre offers experienced child care services in Calgary..

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