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10 Important Aspects to Look at While Selecting A Child Care

Early childhood plays a crucial role in your little one’s overall development. The support they receive and the interactions they have with their caretakers are crucial to their mental and emotional growth. Children aged three and older, particularly those with working parents, need wholesome child care. Our daycare program at A Child's View Learning Centre offers quality programs that cater to the motor, socio-emotional, language, and cognitive development.

Choose the Right Child Care Facility It is better to research well and consider more than one option before choosing a child care facility. In addition to price, here are a few things you should look for before selecting a centre: 1. Hours of Operation – The number of hours the centre operates is a crucial thing to consider before making a decision. First, analyze your requirements. Do you want child care services for shorter hours or for a fixed schedule every day? Understand the centre’s policies for these and also for late-pickups. 2. Curriculum and Structure – There are many different philosophies and curriculums in practice for child care programs. For instance, the program can be teacher-centric or learner-centric. Each place has its own daily schedule, structure and activities. Try to understand what kind of activities make your child happy. Some kids are happier while participating in motor actions and some may enjoy drawing or colouring activities. By choosing the right place, you will ensure your child never loses enthusiasm for learning. 3. The Ratio of Staff to Children – The number of caretakers or staff at the centre, the better care your ward will receive. Each child gets individual attention when a number of caretakers are around. 4. References – The child care facility you are considering should be able to give you a list of families they have served at their centre. This would show the confidence the centre has on its services. You can contact the parents and ask whether they were satisfied with the care their ward received. 5. Cleanliness – You can visit the child care centre to check the hygiene practices. Inspect the bathrooms, kitchens and the play area. Dirty and unhygienic surroundings can make your child sick. 6. Training, Licensing and Credentials – A centre with the right credentials will ensure your child is exposed to good quality interactions and activities on a daily basis. The teachers and caretakers should be qualified and trained. The staff should be prepared for emergency situations and must know how to administer CPR and first aid. 7. Snacks and Meals –Whether your child stays all day long at the day-care or for half-a-day, you would want them to have nutritious snacks and meals. Ask the centre about the type of food they offer. Find out if the meals are a part of the overall package or you would be additionally charged for it. If your child has certain food allergies, let the centre know about it. 8. Location – It is always convenient to have a centre close to your home or office. You can also look at factors such as the neighbourhood it is in, whether the place has enough parking and whether the building is well-managed. Also, follow your natural instincts for the centres you visit. As a parent, you are the best judge of whether your child is comfortable at day care or not. Don’t just go for the cheapest option. Compare all the facilities before selecting a particular one. You can read some of our testimonialson on our website. To learn more about the importance of a preschool, read our blog on the Benefits of Preschool on Your Child’s Development.’ Contact us today to learn more about us.


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