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4 Benefits of Out of School Care for Children

As a parent, you want your children to enjoy a fulfilling and happy life. It’s every parent’s dream! Offering your children quality out of school care in Calgary is a vital step towards achieving just that.

But quality childcare services in Calgary entail more than simply babysitting—much more! Quality out of school care in Calgary prepares your child for a meaningful and fruitful life by providing an environment that fosters cognitive development, emotional well-being, social skills and physical health. Let’s look at how these four fundamentals of development benefit your child: 1. Cognitive development. Quality preschool and children care programs in Calgary will have cognitive skills high on their priority list of fundamentals to foster in your child. Cognitive skills comprise everything from attention to memory, processing speed, visual processing, visualization, auditory processing, phonetic awareness and logic and reasoning skills. These skills are interdependent and vital to academic and occupational success. 2. Emotional well-being. A superior out of school care and preschool program in Calgary will not just focus on the nuts and bolts of cognitive skills, however. A well-rounded and happy child also needs a sound emotional base. By providing an environment where children feel safe and accepted and are not harmed, bullied or judged, childcare services in Calgary worthy of the name promote self-esteem, reduce anxiety and foster healthy feelings and behaviour. 3. Physical health. The third element to foster to ensure a child’s total well-being is physical health. In the pursuit of excellence, physical health is sometimes sacrificed to loftier cognitive concerns, often to the detriment of the child. Good physical health—including agility, balance, coordination and endurance, and mastering certain skills like writing, dressing, making a bed, riding a bicycle or skating—has been demonstrated to improve academic performance and emotional well-being, reduce the risk of obesity and create healthy habits that carry over into adulthood. 4. Social skills. Superior childcare services in Calgary will also emphasize social skills. Emotionally and physically healthy children with superior intellect are only half served if they don’t have the tools to integrate into society. Children with healthy social skills manage conflict well, handle social rejection and changes in behaviour, show empathy toward others and can act independently. Do you have questions regarding out of school care for your child in Calgary? Contact us at A Child's View Learning Centre! At A Child's View Learning Centre we’ve been serving Calgary’s nursery, daycare and before-and-after school-needs for 25 years! We can even arrange transportation to and from your child’s school if that simplifies your schedule. Call us to arrange a visit today!


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